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The North Face® is the premier supplier of authentic and technically innovative products ... products that inspire and enable our customers to Never Stop ExploringTM The North Face® was born not just as a brand but as an idea. As a calling to greater challenges and bigger dreams. As a pathway toward the highest peaks and sharpest summits, where one might find richness that transcends the tug of a mundane, comfortable life.

Over the years we have left the sun and the warmth and walked around the colder, darker side of the mountain to see what we might find. There, in the stillness of the wildlands, we have uncovered the values that drive us. Passion to create the toughest, lightest, strongest gear that carries us farther than we ever thought possible.

A focus on self-improvement. And the fellowship of athletes who entrust their lives to the technology we create. This spirit lies at our core. Now, more than 40 years after its humble grand opening, The North Face delivers an extensive line of performance apparel, equipment, and footwear. We push the boundaries of innovation so that you can push the boundaries of exploration.

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